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Privacida Visual Desde tu perspectiva

Privacida Visual Desde tu perspectiva
Como la información en la pantalla se vuelve cada más abundante y los empleados se movilizan frecuentemente fuera de su oficina transportando información corporativa, la necesidad de privacidad visual y el cumplimiento de las leyes se ha convertido esencial. Especialmente cuando están viajando o esperando en el aeropuerto, en zonas de alto tránsito de personas, bares, etc. Aquí puede encontrar una mirada más profunda sobre la protección de la información personal y los riesgos asociados (PDF)

Financial Services: The Need for Visual Privacy (PDF, 751KB): Whether it is being stored, transmitted or viewed, the protection of sensitive customer data and internal financial statements is non-negotiable. Make sure visual privacy isn't being overlooked in your company's comprehensive protection strategy.
Visual Privacy: A Critical Protection Area for the Federal Government (PDF, 751KB): In the public services sector, the protection of private information is seen as a basic right. But while much focus has been put on storage and transmission security, displayed data remains exposed to risk. We cover the challenges and potential solutions here.
Healthcare: The Importance of Visual Privacy (PDF, 751KB): In an industry flooded with digitized information and disjointed acronyms—HITECH, HIPAA, PHI, to name but a few—the critical need for visual privacy can easily be swept away. Learn how to keep patient information safe and your organization healthy.
Visual Privacy: A Critical Area of Data Protection in State and Local Government (PDF, 1.05MB): Beyond the need to shield sensitive data desk-to-desk, many state and local government workers require on-demand access to information while working in the public view. See how you can prevent a gap in visual privacy security from hitting home.