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Product Catalog for Static Control

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3M™ Conductive Bags
3M Conductive Bags 2004 are made of opaque, volume-conductive carbon impregnated polyolefin. They are easily grounded and the electrical characteristics are not affected by age or humidity. The standard bags are readily heat-sealable and 4 mils thick.

3M™ Cushioned Bags
3M Metal-Out Cushioned Static Shielding Bags 2120R protect devices from physical damage and provide proper static shielding.

3M™ Moisture Barrier Bags
3M is a leading manufacturer of moisture barrier bags, offering short lead times for custom bag sizes to fit your application. Bags are marked with moisture and ESD caution information, RoHS symbols, and are lot coded for traceability. Custom printing is available.

3M™ Puncture Resistant Bags
3M Puncture resistant shielding bags offer more strength for packaging items with sharp edges, like PCBs and shipping tubes. These puncture resistant bags use double the amount of polyester plastic as compared to standard shielding bags.

3M™ RipTop Tamper Evident Reclosable Bags
RipTop bags are tamper evident, confirming to your customer that the product is new and unused. To access the product, the customer rips the top off of the bag above the zipper. The zipper allows the customer to use the bag again. RipTop barrier bags can also be vacuum sealed.

3M™ Static Shielding Bags
3M Static Shielding Bags are tested to comply with ESDA, industry and customer standards. Cost-effective metal-in bags and high protection metal-out bags allow you to meet protection requirements for a wide range of device sensitivities.

3M™ TapeTop Adhesive Closure
TapeTop bags offer a self-sealing tape closure that is resealable for multiple uses. 3M™ TapeTop bags are easy to open and do not require a heat sealer to close. To close the bag, simply peal off the cover strip and fold the flap closed. Open the bag by lifting the flap.

3M™ ZipTop Reclosable Bags
As an alternative to folding and securing your bags with a label, try our ZipTop reclosable bags. We use quality-tested zipper material and our own custom built machines to make zipper bags that have a reputation for outstanding reliability.

Drum/Trash Can Liners
Conductive Drum Liners 2014 do not hold static charge when grounded. Commonly used as waste container liners, for holding chemicals that could be ignited by a static caused spark, or dry chemicals that tend to cling to ordinary non-conductive static-laden plastics. Our liners are shipped 100 bags per box.